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081    JENKINS FAMILY (Hwy 15)

      Location - about 0.5 mile off Hwy 15 between Hester and Oxford.

      Coordinates: 36d 11m 04.0s N; 78d 40m 17.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: drive north toward Oxford from Hester on Hwy 15 for 8/10 mile. At the top of the hill turn left into a driveway beside an old house. Drive 2/10 mi. down the driveway to a house and bear left in front of the house. Drive 3/10 mi. Cemetery is located in a grove of trees behind a pond on the right.

      Canvassed by Bonnie Breedlove, Sandra Aiken, Mildred Goss - February 1996. This cemetery is in very poor shape. Researched and updated by Ben and Lois McLean in 2008.

      Photographs of tombstones provided by Lois McLean in April 2008. Cemetery plat drawing by Lois McLean. Additional photos by Dwight Wilkins in September 2013.
      View #2 of the cemetery. View #3 of the cemetery.

      Comments 2008:
      Thomas S. and Ann Stem Jenkins had eight daughters that lived to adulthood.

      William G. Bullock and Frances Chafin Jenkins were the parents of Martha Jane Bullock who married Charlie Goodman Mangum, the son of Dewitt C. Mangum and Mary Thomas Jenkins.

      Charlie and Martha had twelve children, four sons and eight daughters, including the children buried in the Jenkins burial ground. Charlie, Martha, and several of their children are buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Oxford, NC. The oldest of the adult sons was Johnnie Thomas Mangum, who with his wife Esther Gibbons Overton (daughter of Hartwell Eargo Overton and Lucy Venia Overton), had four sons and three daughters. The second of the daughters, Sadye Belle Mangum, married Benjamin Clarence McLean. They had two sons, Wayne Commie and Benjamin Clarence, Jr.

  1. Bullock, Frances Chafin Jenkins   (b. 6 Sep 1828 - d. 7 Mar 1908)
      • Wife of W. G. Bullock. oldest Daughter of Thomas S. and Ann Stem Jenkins. WPA Records indicates name as Frances J. Bullock. Closeup of inscription.
  2. Bullock, Infant   (b. - d. )
      • Daughter of William G. and Frances C. Bullock
  3. Bullock, Lucy Lee   (b. 15 May 1862 - d. 30 Mar 1863)
      • Daughter of William G. and Frances C. Bullock
  4. Bullock, Thomas A.   (b. 6 Jun 1857 - d. 22 Feb 1866)
      • Son of William G. and Frances C. Bullock. WPA Records indicate birth date as 5 Jun 1857. Closeup of inscription.
  5. Bullock, William G.   (b. 23 Apr 1834 - d. 25 Jan 1892)
      • Husband of Frances C. Bullock (m. 24 Oct 1854), son of George Freeman Bullock and Melinda Green Bullock. (Masonic emblem)
  6. Gooch, Martha Stem   (b. 1 Aug 1816 - d. 1 Jan 1880)
      • Wife of William Radford Gooch, and probably the sister of Ann Stem Jenkins. Gooch Family marker. Footstone M.G.
  7. Gooch, William Radford   (b. 10 Mar 1808 - d. 30 Jul 1880)
  8. Jenkins, Ann Stem   (b. 19 Jul 1808 - d. 6 Apr 1889)
      • Wife of Thomas S. Jenkins
  9. Jenkins, Martha Ann   (b. 11 Dec 1830 - d. 4 May 1916)
      • second Daughter of Thomas and Ann Jenkins, who never married. After her parents died, census shows her living with her sister Sarah "Bettie" McDonald's son William.
  10. Jenkins, Thomas S.   (b. 8 Feb 1806 - d. 20 Apr 1885)
      • Husband of Ann Stem Jenkins (m. 18 Oct 1827)
  11. Mangum, Addie May   (b. 12 Mar 1894 - d. 12 Nov 1894)
      • Daughter of C. G. and M. J. Mangum. WPA Records indicate death date as 27 Nov 1894
  12. Mangum, Dewit Goodman   (b. 6 Oct 1882 - d. 28 Mar 1883)
      • Son of Charlie Goodman and Martha Jane Bullock Mangum
  13. Mangum, Martin Luther   (b. 21 Aug 1898 - d. 18 Apr 1905)
      • Son of Charlie Goodman and Martha Jane Bullock Mangum. Martha Jane Bullock Mangum was the Daughter of William G. and Frances Jenkins Bullock. Charlie Goodman Mangum was the son of Dewitt C. Mangum and Mary Thomas Jenkins (third Daughter of Thomas and Ann Jenkins). The three Mangum children were grandchildren of Thomas and Ann Jenkins.
  14. Mangum, Mary Ann Bullock   (b. 4 Aug 1855 - d. 23 May 1888)
      • Wife of Walter G. Mangum, mother of William T. Mangum, Daughter of William G. and Frances J. Bullock, and grandDaughter of Thomas and Ann Jenkins. Closeup of inscription.
  15. Mangum, William T. G.   (b. 8 Jan 1881 - d. 27 May 1933)
      • Son of Walter G. and Mary Bullock Mangum, grandson of William G. and Frances J. Bullock. (Masonic emblem)
  16. McDonald, Battle Budrick   (b. 12 Jan 1914 - d. 17 Apr 1915)
      • Son of William G. and Hettie Gordon McDonald. His death certificate gives burial place as "near Hester" and as many of the certificates said burial place was "Jenkins Burial Ground, near Hester" and the informant was a W. R. Bullock, I think it is likely to be here, with his parents and other family members.
  17. McDonald, Hettie J. Gordon   (b. 7 Nov 1880 - d. 16 Dec 1935)
      • Wife of William Grandy McDonald, Daughter of David G. Gordon and Lou Ellington Gordon. Her burial may have been the last in the Jenkins Burial Ground.
  18. McDonald, Jimmie P.   (b. 13 Sep 1907 - d. 12 Nov 1912)
      • Son of William Grandy and Hettie J. Gordon McDonald. William Grandy McDonald was the son of William Henry McDonald and Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins McDonald (eighth Daughter of Thomas and Ann Jenkins). Jimmie P. McDonald was the great-grandson of Thomas and Ann Jenkins. Base of monument.
  19. McDonald, Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins "Bettie"   (b. 9 July 1849 - d. 11 Apr 1931)
      • the eighth Daughter of Thomas and Ann Jenkins. She married William Henry McDonald 6 Apr 1878. He died 26 Aug 1894, and although I have not found his death certificate, it is probable that he is buried here also.
  20. McDonald, William Grandy   (b. 25 Dec 1880 - d. 11 Feb 1931)
      • Husband of Hettie J. Gordon and son of William Henry and Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins McDonald, also father of Jimmie P. McDonald.
  21. McDonald, William Henry   (b. abt 1848 - d. 26 Aug 1894)
      • Husband of Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins. He probably is buried here.
  22. Milton, Elsie F.   (b. 21 Dec 1903 - d. 1 Jan 1904)
      • Daughter of J.T. (John Thomas) and E. F. (Edna Carrie Bullock) Milton
  23. Milton, Infant   (b. - d. 1 Jun 1907)
      • Child. These children were grandchildren of William G. and Frances J. Bullock. WPA Records indicates last name as Milton
  24. Milton, John T.   (b. 13 Nov 1881 - d. 29 Jan 1916)
      • father of the two Milton children. There is an obvious sunken grave beside the graves of the two Milton children. His wife, Edna Carrie Bullock Milton lived until 1944 and her death certificate states she was buried in Bullock Church Cemetery near Creedmoor, NC.

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