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      Location - Between 241 and 271 West Bend School Rd, Lewisville.

      Coordinates: 36d 05m 26.3s N; 80d 29m 17.9s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From Lewisville exit 244 on US421 go north to Shallowford Road, turn northwest and continue west for 4 miles. Turn left (south) onto West Bend School Road and proceed 0.2 miles. Cemetery is on east side of road behind a chain link fence in the trees.

      This is the older of two cemeteries owned by West Bend Baptist Church in Lewisville, NC. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some original burials at this site were moved to the larger West Bend Baptist Cemetery on Shallowford Road.

      View of the cemetery marker.

      Surveyed and photographed by Bill Mueller and Thomas McLain for Forsyth County Genealogical Society in July 2015.

  1. Davis, Horace F.   (b. 26 Aug 1881 - d. 13 Feb 1888)
      • Son of S. C. & L.L Davis
  2. Davis, Joseph B.   (b. 13 Mar 1888 - d. 3 May 1889)
      • Son of S. C. & L.L Davis
  3. Jones, Robert Carl   (b. 15 Apr 1881 - d. 14 Oct 1882)
      • Son of F.S & Augusta Jones
  4. Jones, Sidney Byron   (b. 23 Apr 1883 - d. 28 May 1884)
      • Son of F.S & Augusta Jones
  5. Poindexter, Peter   (b. 1820 - d. 18 Apr 1891)
      • Husband of Sarah P. Poindexter
  6. Poindexter, Sarah P.   (b. 16 Apr 1827 - d. 11 Jun 1882)
      • Wife of Peter Poindexter
  7. Taylor, Anderson D.   (b. 14 Nov 1883 - d. 5 Jun 1890)
      • Son of G.P. & E.J. Taylor "Age 6 yr 6 mo 22 day"
  8. Taylor, Pearl E.   (b. 2 Dec 1890 - d. 15 May 1902)
      • Daughter of G.P & E.J Taylor
  9. Taylor, Peter H.   (b. 13 Dec 1885 - d. 4 Jun 1890)
      • Son of G. P. & E. J. Taylor

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