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      Location - off of Speight's Chapel Rd (SR-1409) east of Battleboro.

      Coordinates: 36d 02m 27.7s N; 77d 39m 42.1s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: Take E. Battleboro Ave. (SR 1407) east from Battleboro, NC for about 0.5 miles. Turn left on Morning Star Church Road (SR 1412) and go a couple of miles. Turn left on 7 Bridges Road (SR 1404) and go about 2.5 miles. Turn right on Wells Road (SR 1410) and go 1.2 miles. Turn right on Speight's Chapel Road (SR 1409) and go about a mile and a half. Road on the right goes through the field by 2 old houses that are some ways off Speight's Chapel Road. The cemetery is about 1000 feet past the second house. About 0.7 miles off of Speight's Chapel Road.

      Notes: Iron fence with gate surrounds the cemetery. There are 5 tombstones with foot stones, but no other indication of other graves. Some dates were rather hard to make out, but the birth dates were verified to what was recorded in the family Bible. The cemetery has been labeled incorrectly on some maps as the Hutchins Cemetery.

      Name plate on metal fence gate: J.N. Cutchin.
      View #2 of the cemetery.

      Surveyed by Mark W. Wheeless on January 16, 2010. Photographs by Mark Wheeless in January 2010 and April 2013.

  1. Cutchin, Arthur Wilson   (b. 15 Mar 1846 - d. 18 Aug 1864)
      • Son of Josiah and Sarah Cutchin.
  2. Cutchin, Cornelius S.   (b. 14 Jan 1845 - d. 18 Sep 1858)
      • Son of Josiah and Sarah Cutchin. Age 13 Ys 8 Ms 4 Ds
  3. Cutchin, John Almarine   (b. 22 Jan 1843 - d. 9 Aug 1866)
      • Son of Josiah and Sarah Cutchin.
  4. Cutchin, Josiah   (b. 28 Jul 1799 - d. 8 Oct 1870)
      • Husband of Sallie Best Cutchin. Married to Sallie Best Dec. 8, 1825. Son of Thomas Cutchin II and Pherebee Howell Cutchin. Another view.
  5. Cutchin, Sarah Best (Sallie)   (b. 18 Dec 1807 - d. 15 May 1847)
      • Wife of Josiah Cutchin. Daughter of Thomas and Mary Best and wife of Josiah Cutchin. Married Dec. 8, 1825. Age 39 Ys 4 Ms 27 days. Another view.

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