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Reported Cemeteries Not Surveyed

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  1. Scoggin Family - 3 graves - 1801 Liberty Street near Raynor Street. (City Tax Map 151).

  2. Proctor Graves reported on Driver Ave. near Railroad. Near old cotton mill and Garland Woodcraft and box company.

  3. Riley Vickers Cemetery. Murphy Street off E. Pettigrew. 2 blocks north of Alston Ave. on the left.

  4. Holloway Graves. East on 70 Bypass just before it intersects with Miami. Blvd. Looks like an access Rd. on the north side of 70 (Carr Rd., Barnes & Taft St.; are just off this road.) Go to end of Carr Road. There is a little white Church. Side Credle says the graves there are Holloway graves.

  5. According to a 1930 map drawn by a resident John H. Spransy there was a cemetery on North Street approx. 2 lots south of Monmouth Ave. Cemetery appeared to be on the east side of North Street.

  6. Old Ellis Grove Church-Holman Family in Argonne Hills back of Argonne Drive. Contact: Mrs. S. D, McPherson 489-3162 who has specific location.

  7. Glennview Cemetery on Highway 55 South at Riddle Road intersection. Owned by Mickey Micheaux family .

  8. Belvin Cemetery on east side of old Oxford Road beyond Bragtown School.

  10. Gulley & Coley Cemetery. Take 98 to 3 miles past Neal School, turn right on Coley Road, go about 2 miles and turn off to dirt road that goes to graveyard. Where Union Grove Church used to be - terribly grown up.

  11. Bayleaf Graves. Wake Forest Road to Nichols Road turn right. Go 1 mile to dirt road then 1/4 mile to old frame house. Anthony Lopez, Sr. 596-5722 has lived there 50 years. Says dirt road was named Lopez Road.

  12. Indian Graves. Anthony Lopez Sr- 596-5722 reported what be believed to be Indian graves in the woods north of his house. Follow directions in #11

  13. Clayton Cemetery. Go down Andrews Chapel Road almost to end, turn right and almost at the end of this road on the right is the cemetery.

  15. Link Graveyard. No white people except Susan Link, mother of Katherine Link Dunnagan. Behind Continental Drive just off the buried cable line. Contact Felton Dunnagan 383-1849.

  16. Sally & Fanny Horner Graves on the Bunch Place on the left side of Winkler Road. Contact: Felton Dunnagan 383-1849

  17. Mrs. Joe Dunnagan and one child buried in graves in woods behind Ben Ellis place on Guess Road. Graves are in woods belonging to Alma Hunt about 100 feet from a field. Contact: Felton Dunnagan 383-1849.

  18. Kimball Grave. Guess Road just before Ht. Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church. Grave is in the woods almost directly behind the last house on the left before the church. Contact: Felton Dunnagan 383-1849

  19. Sandlewood Drive off Roxboro Road in the backyard of Chip Chesson's house Chesson's phone 477-2770.

  20. Lipscomb Graves at Mason and Roxboro Roads on property owned by Drink Holleman. Known as Lipscomb Grove and the Old Mason Place.

  22. New Red Mountain Baptist Church, Mangum Township, Cemetery beside church. On Red Mountain Road about two-tenths of a mile east of the intersection with Moore's Hill Road. Cemetery probably has over 300 graves. Need to contact church before entering cemetery.

  23. Laws Family Cemetery. Off Poole Road, take a left at 1st paved road - Harris Road SR 1469, cemetery is located on left side of road.

  24. Crabtree Cemetery - From Red Mountain Road about 2 miles east of Rougemont, turn north on Moore's Hill Road, go about 1/2 mile to John Crabtree Homeplace

  25. Blalock Cemetery - on Blalock Road north of Orange Factory about 1 1/2 miles on land now belonging to Tom Poole. (The old Taylor Duke place - the birthplace of Washington Duke). About 10 graves probably grown up - about 300 yds. north of Tom Poole's residence.

  26. Glenn Cemetery - on edge of Person County along Moore's Mill Road. About 1 1/2 miles north of Moore's Mill, on old Glenn Farm. Few graves - all grown up.

  27. Teasley Cemetery - approximately 10 visible graves at the Teasley Homeplace. Located off Roxboro Road. Turn right opposide the road that turns off Roxboro Road to South Lowell.

  28. Vaughan Cemetery - Go from Ellis Chapel Road to Caasam Tilley Road, turn right; and go about 1 1/2 miles. On the right a few graves with no markers. Abandoned long ago.

  29. Umstead Cemetery - At Jethro Umstead place on Old Oxford Road. About 1 mile on the left after the sharp curve, 1/2 mile beyond Flat River about 20 graves.

  30. Wheeler Cemetery - On Old Oxford Road about l mile after crossing Flat River just as you leave the sharp curve - on right is the cemetery beside the Macon Wheeler house. About 12 graves.

  31. Jim Ellis Cemetery - at the hone place just off Sam Hall Road to right going from Bahama-Moriah Road. Turn left after Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church go about 1/4 mile. On the left is the old Jesse Mangum place and the old cemetery, and about 500 yards further on the right is the road to the Jim Homeplace and cemetery.

  32. Cemetery 800 feet (as the crow flies) south of Red Mountain Road SR 1471 and 1500+ feet west of the intersection of SR 1471 and SR 1605-Moriah Road. Listed #3 on Lake Michie Quadrangle - NE/4 Durham, North 15', Latitude 36d 13m 30s Longitude 78d 52m 10s.

  34. Ferrell Cemetery at the Dog Pound on Jefferies Road.

  35. Glenn Cemetery on Joyner Road - 1st road past Glenn School.


  36. Going west on Pickett Road at the 15-5O1 Bypass there is a graveyard. It is near the home of Lavester Hall, 3008 Pickett Road.

  37. Cemetery off old Barbee (Old Apex) Road SR 1100 where it intersects with SR 1103 (also known as Scott King Road). Northeast of intersection about 200 yards. Three graves with metal fence around, partially torn down. Contact: Lowrie Beacham, 5720 Williamsburg Tray, Parkwood 544-3974. Turn off Old Barbee (Old Apex) Road - These remains were reinterred at O'Kelley's chapel in Chatham County.

  38. On Alston Ave. about 3/4 mile from Loves Grove School on the other side of the highway is an old graveyard containing graves of Confederate veterans.

  39. Carpenter-Fletcher Road directly across from Blue Stone Estate; and Blue Stone Drive. About 600 ft. from Carpenter-Flectcher Road on the north side. Reported by Jerry L. Hunt, Surveyor.

  40. Markham Cemetery-Morrisville Area. At Shiloh Baptist Church on 54 turn right. At county sign turn left. Buried back before they freed slaves about 10 feet from Durham-Wake County line. Contact: Frank Burgess, Kitts Creek Road. 544-3152.

  41. Markham Memorial Gardens on the north side of Trenton Road near Farrington Road. The cemetery office is located at 3510 University Dr, Durham, NC (919-489-9128).

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