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      Located in the Woodlake community at corner of E. Woodcroft and Woodlake Drive in a wooded lot with a park-like setting.

      Coordinates: 35d 55m 04.0s N; 78d 55m 26.0s W Click here for Google maps

      There are four remaining headstones with inscriptions, five footstones with initials, and a over fifteen fieldstones marking depressions in the ground which are probably other graves. At least fourteen of the graves were surrounded by an ornate wire fence on wooden posts. Most of the wire has rusted away and fallen down along with the rotted wooden posts. There appear to have been four strands of the ornate wire afixed to the posts at eight inches apart. The fenced area appears to be about 60 feet by 30 feet rectangular. At least four graves are outside the fenced area, and there may be others.
      Judith L. Moore, a Woodlake resident, has a survey map of the site, dated 12 March 1923, which indicates the graveyard is 100 x 100 feet. Judith continues to research the original owners and who might be buried here.
      Surveyed 17 June 2002 by Allen Dew. Photographs by Allen Dew.

  1. Carbone, Barbara Jean Christian   (b. 30 Dec 1939 - d. 22 Nov 2012)
      • Died in Durham, NC. Born in Mingo County, W.Va.,. Daughter of Imogene (Beasley) and Claude Christian. Wife of Lawrence Carbone. Hall-Wynne Funeral Service.
  2. Eitelman, Edward Sears   (b. Abt 1927 - d. 29 Oct 2012)
      • Died in Durham County, NC. Husband of Mary Alice Eitelman, and Vee Williams Eitelman. Hall-Wynne Funeral Service.
  3. Hutchins, Isabel   (b. 21 Nov 1837 - d. 27 Feb 1906)
      • Inscription: Our Mother. Footstone: IH
  4. Hutchins, T.A.N.   (b. 5 May 1828 - d. 2 Jun 1896)
      • Inscription: Our Father. Footstone: TANH
  5. Hutchins, Tommie W.   (b. 15 Feb 1896 - d. 16 Nov 1899)
  6. Markham, Nancy C.   (b. 7 Jul 1827 - d. 17 Feb 1913)
      • Inscription: Aged 85 yrs 7 ms 10 ds. Footstone: NCM
  7. Schlegel, Richard J. "Dick" ,   (b. Abt 1922 - d. 26 Nov 2012)
      • Died in Durham County, NC. Born in Stamford, Conn. Madeline Schlegel. Army Air Corps. WW II. Hall-Wynne Funeral Service.
  8. Unknown   (b. - d. )
      • Two unidentified footstones with initials:

        1. Footstone: ANM or AHM

        2. Footstone: IL

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