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      Located on Leesville Road about 1/2 mile west of the Durham/Wake County line at the intersection of Mount Herman (to the south) and Shady Grove (to the north).

      Coordinates: 35d 55m 31.0s N; 78d 45m 41.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Surveyed by Laurie Lynn Kovaleski. Pictures of cemetery and all grave markers provided by Marie Cooke in March 2004.

      There are six unmarked graves; one is the grave of Vera Lois Lynn b.04 Sep 1904 d.03 Nov 1909. Her marker is missing. One natural stone header and one natural stone footer. There are an unknown number of slave graves in the wooded area of the cemetery. Some of the slaves were owned by Lynn's.

  1. Ashley, Susan   (b. 1860 - d. 28 Apr 1932)
      • Spouse - Tom Ashley. Age 72. 'Mother'
  2. Clements, Annie L.   (b. 5 Jan 1879 - d. 17 Nov 1933)
  3. King, Hallie   (b. 3 Sep 1901 - d. 12 Dec 1918)
      • 'Not my will, but Thine be done.'
  4. King, J.W.   (b. 3 Jul 1863 - d. 3 Nov 1938)
      • Husband of Nola Della King. 'Faithful, kind and true'
  5. King, Nola Della   (b. Abt 1884 - d. 31 Aug 1930)
      • Wife of J.W. King. Age about 56 years. 'At Rest'
  6. Lynn, Alphonso B.   (b. Abt 1843 - d. 20 Jun 1917)
      • CSA veteran.
  7. Lynn, Amelia A.   (b. 1855 - d. 1922)
      • First Wife of James Henry Lynn (1855-1922). Sister of Valeria Hannah Lynn. Name on stone is A.A. Lynn.
  8. Lynn, Dorothy Jolly   (b. 14 Dec 1917 - d. 12 Feb 1988)
      • Wife of James Henry Lynn.
  9. Lynn, George Waylon   (b. 1869 - d. 1937)
      • Husband of Willie Ethel Beavers Lynn. Name on stone is George W. Lynn.
  10. Lynn, James Henry   (b. 16 May 1855 - d. 10 Jul 1922)
      • Husband of (1) Amelia A. Lynn and (2) Valeria Hannah Lynn. Name on stone is J.H. Lynn. 'We knew no sorrow - Knew no grief - Till thy bright face was missed.'
  11. Lynn, James Henry   (b. 2 Oct 1909 - d. 22 Apr 1967)
      • Husband of Dorothy Jolly Lynn. 'Faithful, kind and true'
  12. Lynn, Valeria Hannah   (b. 4 May 1848 - d. 4 Dec 1928)
      • Second Wife of James Henry Lynn (1855-1922). Sister of Amelia A. Lynn. Name on stone is V.H. Lynn. 'Gone home'
  13. Lynn, Willie Ethel Beavers   (b. 1878 - d. 1932)
      • Wife of George Waylon Lynn. Name on stone is Willie E. Beavers.
  14. Page, Minnie E. Lynn   (b. 1878 - d. 1934)
      • Wife of E.L. Page. 'Faithful, kind and true'
  15. Page, Possey L.   (b. 1879 - d. 24 Nov 1909)
      • Wife of Z.B. Page. Age 30 years. Also appearing on the same monument: Infant Daughter Nov. 1909. There is a smaller marker to the left that simply states 'Infant'.

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