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243    MASSEY, CALIFORNIA FAMILY [relocated to new site]

      Located in Triangle Township south on Fayetteville Road beyond N.C. Products Company about 400 yards off road in grove of crepe myrtle trees in sight of a tobacco barn.

      Coordinates: 35d 53m 47.0s N; 78d 56m 34.0s W Click here for Google maps

      This abandoned and vandalized cemetery has at least 10 marked graves dating from 1904 to 1957. Canvassed by Mack and Juanita Vickers (1983).

      The land where this cemetery was located has been sold and turned into a strip mall. All the graves and gravestones were dug up and moved to the Massey Methodist Chapel Church on Massey Road, about a mile from the old homeplace. This information from Bill Harris of New Bern NC on 21 May 2001.

  1. Freeland, Lessie Louisa   (b. 6 Dec 1884 - d. 7 Jun 1907)
      • Spouse - W. C. Freeland
  2. Harris, Annie Massey   (b. 31 May 1874 - d. 4 Jul 1936)
      • Spouse - Floyd G. Harris
  3. Harris, Floyd G.   (b. 26 Jun 1876 - d. 12 Jul 1934)
      • Spouse - Annie Massey Harris
  4. Massey, California   (b. 25 Jan 1849 - d. 27 Sep 1921)
  5. Massey, Charles Mack   (b. 2 Jan 1866 - d. Jun 1957)
      • Spouse - Demeras Herndon Massey
  6. Massey, Demeras Herndon   (b. 18 Apr 1867 - d. 7 Apr 1950)
      • Spouse - Charles Mack Massey
  7. Massey, Hardy Oliver   (b. 25 Jul 1890 - d. 12 Jun 1912)
      • Son of CM-DE Massey
  8. Massey, Ira Cal   (b. 7 Oct 1901 - d. 7 Jun 1904)
      • Son of P-FJ Massey
  9. Massey, Lucy A. Herndon   (b. 18 Mar 1862 - d. 18 Dec 1906)
      • Spouse - C. Massey

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