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220    PAGE, J. R. FAMILY

      Located in Nelson area of Triangle Township eight-tenths mile into wooded area off north side of Chin Page Road one mile east of old NC 70A.

      Coordinates: 35d 54m 10.0s N; 78d 50m 21.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Directions: From Chin Page Rd turn onto Silicon Dr. until you get to last building on right which is 4401 Silicon Dr. take a left turn at the building and you will see the grave yard on left of a hill with a closed building that is fenced in behind it. The graves have not been well kept.

      This maintained but unused cemetery has 40 graves, about 13 with legible markers dating to 1966. Canvassed by Mrs. S. D. McPherson and Louise G. Parrish (1980).
      Visited and photographed by Trudy Harris in August 2016.

  1. Carpenter, Janadius   (b. - d. Abt 1930)
  2. Chappell, Dempsey   (b. 24 Dec 1851 - d. 29 Oct 1922)
      • Husband of Helen Sarah Smith Chappell. Son of Allen Chappell and Jane Ford Chappell.
  3. Johnson, Anna May Cotton   (b. 28 May 1861 - d. 2 Dec 1938)
      • Wife of Joe T. Johnson. Daughter of Richard Cotton and Mary Anna Cotton.
  4. Johnson, Joseph T. "Joe"   (b. 10 May 1861 - d. 27 Apr 1940)
      • Husband of Anna May Cotton Johnson. Son of John Johnson and Emma Latta Johnson.
  5. Page, Bertha H. Tuck   (b. 17 Feb 1912 - d. 30 Sept 1941)
      • Wife of Lonnie Page. A devoted wife and mother.
  6. Page, Claiborne Wallace   (b. 15 Nov 1915 - d. 23 Mar 1948)
      • Husband of Catherine Bass Page. Son of John Rufus Frederick Page and Cora Belle Chappell Page.
  7. Page, Frank Edward   (b. 26 Oct 1884 - d. 23 Feb 1963)
      • Never married. Son of John Rufus Frederick Page and Cora Belle Chappell Page.
  8. Page, John Rufus Frederick   (b. 20 June 1875 - d. 18 Sept 1944)
      • Husband of Cora Belle Chappell Page.
  9. Page, John Rufus Hubert   (b. 10 Oct 1893 - d. 17 Jan 1941)
      • Husband of Estelle W. Page. Son of William Henry Page and Louise J. Lawrence Page.
  10. Page, Lonnie   (b. 28 June 1902 - d. 9 Feb 1946)
      • Husband of Bertha H. Page.
  11. Page, Peggy Lou   (b. 4 July 1931 - d. 5 Nov 1931)
      • Daughter of Lonnie Page and Bertha H. Page.
  12. Page, Robert Wayne   (b. 20 May 1939 - d. 20 May 1939)
      • Son of W. A. Page and May Morgan Page.
  13. Page, William Henry   (b. 10 Aug 1867 - d. 3 Oct 1929)
      • Husband of Louise J. Lawrence Page. Gone but not forgotten
  14. Page. Louise Judson Lawrence   (b. 14 Feb 1873 - d. 10 Jul 1949)
      • Wife of William Henry Page. Daughter of J.W. Lawrence and Mary V. Lawrence. "Granny Page".

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