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      Location - in Triangle Township in back of brick home beyond Henderson Grove Church on right side of Page Road about three miles from Lumley Road. 2904 Page Road.

      Coordinates: 35d 54m 36.3s N; 78d 49m 04.7s W Click here for Google maps

      This abandoned cemetery has 10 legible markers on 11 graves. Canvassed by Barbara Simko, Dwight A. Evans, and J. B. Watkins in 1980.

      New survey and photographs by Tammy Hughes in September 2012.
      View #2 of cemetery.

  1. Hopson, Alvas   (b. 1857 - d. 5 Feb 1908)
  2. Hopson, Billie   (b. 20 Dec 1891 - d. 20 Dec 1920)
      • Our loved one. gone but not forgotten.
  3. Hopson, Geneva (Miss.)   (b. 15 Jul 1867 - d. 19 Dec 1947)
      • This grave is very sunken in.
  4. Hopson, Hawkins (Miss.)   (b. 25 Jan 1862 - d. 2 Feb 1949)
      • This grave is very sunken in. The stone has toppled into the grave.
  5. Hopson, J. C.   (b. - d. 22 Apr 1937)
      • Aged 72 yrs. Brothers
  6. Hopson, John T.   (b. - d. 1903)
  7. Hopson, Johnnie   (b. - d. 16 Mar 1937)
      • Aged 64 yrs. Brothers
  8. Hopson, Spencer   (b. 15 Aug 1888 - d. 12 Oct 1914)
      • Our loved one, gone but not forgotten.
  9. Hopson, Susan   (b. - d. 8 Feb 1923)
      • Aged 70 yrs. A vacant chair in the home
  10. Jenkins, Hattie   (b. 6 Apr 1889 - d. 26 Sep 1916)
      • Wife of J.J. Jenkins. Gone but not forgotten.

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