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      Located in Oak Grove Township in a cow pasture on Benbow Road north of Cheek Road (SR 1800).

      Coordinates: 36d 00m 50.0s N; 78d 49m 39.0s W Click here for Google maps

      This abandoned and unprotected cemetery has at least nine graves dating from 1858 to 1968. Canvassed by Lucille Glenn (1985). Updated by John Stanley in June 2011.

      Note from John Stanley in June 2011 - According to his death certificate Ed Rigsbee was buried in this cemetery March 7, 1969 and was likely the last one buried there. The property where the cemetery lies was owned by Wright Stanly and I was told that he was the first buried there. It was later owned by his son John Wright Stanly and he in turn sold it to the Rigsbee's.

      I was told about this cemetery in 2005 by a relative that said she cleaned this cemetery four or five times a year back in the early 1960s. She remembered that there were nine inscribed head stones and about 25 graves marked by field stones. Knowing the approximate location I made 3 unsuccessful trips to the area. The old cow pasture had grown up in pines and the timber was cut about 3 or4 years prior to my arrival which caused the area to be completely over grown in briars and brush. On another trip I finally found the cemetery. Scuffling around in the leaves and grass I dug one tombstone out of the ground. Large timber harvesting equipment had run over the stones and effectively destroyed what was there. I came back another time with some digging tools and unearthed three more readable stones.

  1. Crabtree, Claude   (b. 4 Feb 1887 - d. 7 Nov 1932)
      • Son of J.W. and L.S. Crabtree
  2. Crabtree, Isabella Rigsbee   (b. Aug 1856 - d. 14 Mar 1932)
      • Wife of John Ken Rigsbee
  3. Crabtree, Ruby M.   (b. 20 May 1908 - d. 14 Oct 1908)
      • Daughter of H.M. and Kate Crabtree. Gone but not forgotten.
  4. Hicks, James   (b. 1855 - d. 8 Feb 1924)
      • Son of F.K. and Hawkins Hicks
  5. O'Briant, Caroline Stanley   (b. Feb 1864 - d. 10 Dec 1936)
      • Age 72. Wife of James D. O'Briant
  6. Rigsbee, Edward (Ed)   (b. 17 Dec 1885 - d. 7 Mar 1968)
  7. Rigsbee, Herman E.   (b. 21 Feb 1915 - d. 19 May 1916)
      • Son of W.D. and Cora Rigsbee. Gone but not forgotten.
  8. Rigsbee, John Ken   (b. Dec 1856 - d. 1908)
      • Husband of Isabella Rigsbee Crabtree
  9. Rigsbee, John W. D.   (b. 12 Sep 1858 - d. 31 Jan 1903)
      • May the resurrection find thee on the bosom of thy God.
  10. Rigsbee, Joseph Judson (J.J.)   (b. 3 Dec 1878 - d. 1 Aug 1913)
  11. Rigsbee, Martha J.   (b. 1875 - d. 10 Aug 1913)
      • Age 35 yrs. 1st Wife of J.J. Rigsbee. Honored, beloved and wept, here mother lies.
  12. Rigsbee, Sally Castle   (b. 1 Dec 1880 - d. 24 Mar 1968)
      • 2nd Wife of J. J. Rigsbee
  13. Stanly, Elizabeth Allen   (b. 1795 - d. 1872)
      • Wife of Wright Stanly
  14. Stanly, John W.   (b. 1829 - d. 1878)
      • Husband of Susan Rigsbee Stanly
  15. Stanly, Susan Rigsbee   (b. 1830 - d. 1876)
      • Wife of John W. Stanly
  16. Stanly, Wright   (b. 1790 - d. 1858)
      • Husband of Elizabeth Allen Stanly
  17. Tilley, George Marvin   (b. 17 Dec 1916 - d. 7 Nov 1938)
      • Son of J. and N.H. Tilley

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