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      Located in Mangum Township deep into a wooded area on Cassam Tilley Road (SR 1622) about one and one-half miles south of Ellis Chapel Road (SR 1616).

      Coordinates: 36d 10m 14.9s N; 78d 49m 25.9s W Click here for Google maps

      This abandoned cemetery has about 10 graves with legible markers dating from 1851 to 1918. Canvassed by Mildred Harris (1985). Photos of grave markers provided by James Webster and Set Roberts in August 2014.

      The cemetery is on land once owned by Shadrack Roberts, brother of the John S. Roberts. The cemetery was known as "the Shadrick" by locals in the community.

      Will of Shadrack Roberts.

  1. Roberts, Caroline Obedience Rogers   (b. 12 Apr 1843 - d. 25 Jun 1895)
      • Wife of Gaston Roberts
  2. Roberts, Cena   (b. 4 Apr 1907 - d. 17 May 1909)
      • Daughter of Johnnie Peleg "John" Roberts, Sr. and Martha Ellis Roberts. Granddaughter of Gaston Roberts and Caroline Rogers Roberts.
  3. Roberts, Gaston   (b. 11 Feb 1831 - d. 18 Jun 1891)
      • Husband of Caroline Obedience Rogers Roberts. Son of John S. Roberts and Winifred Unstead Roberts.
  4. Roberts, George W.   (b. 24 Jul 1833 - d. 4 Sep 1857)
      • Son of Shadrack Roberts and Rebecca Veazy Roberts. age 24y 1m 10d
  5. Roberts, Winifred Umstead   (b. May 1806 - d. 7 Jun 1854)
      • Wife of John S. Roberts. age 47y 8m
  6. Teasley, Eula (? Maggie)   (b. 12 Sep 1875 - d. 4 Dec 1909)
      • Wife of George Teasley
  7. Teasley, George Ambias   (b. 20 Nov 1915 - d. 23 May 1918)
  8. Teasley, Nancy   (b. 17 Oct 1901 - d. 16 Mar 1911)
  9. Tilley, Mary Ann Roberts   (b. 27 Aug 1831 - d. 27 Sep 1851)
      • 1st Wife of Dennis Tilley. age 20 y 1m. Daughter of Shadrack Roberts and Rebecca Veazy Roberts.
  10. Tilley, Sarah Jenkins   (b. 26 Dec 1821 - d. 1 Apr 1884)

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