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      Located in Lebanon Township to the left of 117 Cardriff Place (cul de sac) in Heather Glen Subdivision on Russell Road (SR 1451).

      Coordinates: 36d 05m 28.0s N; 78d 57m 50.0s W Click here for Google maps

      This abandoned and vandalized cemetery has at least 20 graves, about half of which have some kind of marker. Canvassed by Doris Tilley and Robin and Matt Winfree (1977). Identities of the buried were obtained from members of the Couch family. Research determined that in early 1924, Norwood Couch had the remains of his five deceased children disinterred and moved to Maplewood Cemetery. Research also determined the last burial in this Couch cemetery was February 17, 1912. Through efforts spearheaded by Doris Tilley, this cemetery was formally removed from ownership of the developer and designated an inactive cemetery (May 23, 1978) by the Durham County Commissioners. According to then-Associate Attorney General for the State of North Carolina, Lucien Capone III, this action by Durham County was a 'first' in the State: the locating, surveying, and platting of a 'lost' cemetery owned by a developer and subject to development and placing title to such land with those buried there and their heirs to 'retain certain rights, in the nature of an easement, including ingress and egress, the right to repair, beautify and protect, and the right to erect markers in the cemetery.'

  1. Couch, David Warren   (b. 5 Mar 1836 - d. Apr 1866)
      • CSA. Son of E-MW Couch
  2. Couch, Elijah   (b. 5 Jan 1809 - d. 25 Jul 1864)
      • Spouse - Mary W. Couch
  3. Couch, Isaac   (b. 1775 - d. 1833)
      • Spouse - Susannah Burch Couch
  4. Couch, Louise   (b. 12 Sep 1845 - d. )
      • Daughter of E-MW Couch
  5. Couch, Mary (Polly) Warren   (b. 8 Feb 1817 - d. 25 Jan 1886)
      • Spouse - Elijah Couch
  6. Couch, Odie Thomas   (b. 1886 - d. 1890)
      • Spouse - Nancy Jane Couch
  7. Couch, Sally Emmer   (b. 9 Jan 1861 - d. 9 Oct 1863)
  8. Couch, Samuel Hoke   (b. 1864 - d. 3 Sep 1890)
      • Spouse - Nancy Jane Couch
  9. Couch, Suzannah Burch   (b. - d. )
      • Spouse - Isaac Couch
  10. Warren, Loftin R. Couch   (b. 3 Aug 1833 - d. )

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