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      Located in Durham's Hope Valley Country Club Golf Course at 3616 Stratford Rd.

      Coordinates: 35d 56m 58.1s N; 78d 57m 21.2s W Click here for Google maps

      The cemetery is on private property next to the eighth fairway. It is just before the first house (3620 Stratford Rd) on the west side of Stratford and up a hill in the edge of the woods.

      This cemetery contains about eight graves. The original tombstones are now rubble, but are known to be all members of the Markham family. Canvassed by Jean Bovard (1980).

      Additional notes from Blackwell Markham Brogden Jr (May 2002): The cemetery is one acre in size and is reserved from a deed conveying out adjoining land. Besides the small stone fenced area, the remainder of the acre was, by oral family history, filled with the unmarked graves of African-Americans. Thomas Markham and his wife, a daughter of Richard Herndon, are buried there together with at least one of their children, Nathan Markham and his wife.

  1. Markham, Fanny Herndon   (b. 1754 - d. 1839)
      • Wife of Thomas Markham
  2. Markham, Jane Pearson   (b. 1799 - d. 1863)
      • Wife of Nathan Markham
  3. Markham, Nathan   (b. 28 Dec 1790 - d. 25 Jan 1868)
      • Husband of Jane Pearson Markham
  4. Markham, Thomas   (b. 4 Jan 1752 - d. 13 Feb 1838)
      • Husband of Fanny Herndon Markham

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