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      Location - on Peoples Creek Rd near the Elbaville Church.

      Coordinates: 35d 53m 35.4s N; 80d 23m 03.9s W Click here for Google maps

      NC Highway 801 South from Advance, turn left on Peoples Creek Road at Elbaville Church. Cemetery is on private land on site overlooking Yadkin River.

      Survey by Davie County Historical and Genealogical Society.

  1. Chaffin, N.   (b. 24 Nov 1886 - d. 24 Oct 1887)
      • Son of M. A. and L. A. Peebles
  2. Douthitt, Priscilla   (b. 28 Apr 1791 - d. 11 Apr 1831)
      • Consort of Jas. Douthitt who died Tuskaloosa, Ala. March 15, 1837. Daughter of Nathan and Eliza F. Peebles
  3. Peebles, Arron G.   (b. 9 Jan 1840 - d. 19 Jan 1863)
  4. Peebles, Drury   (b. 13 Mar 1803 - d. 18 Feb 1850)
      • Son of Nathan and Elizabeth Foster Peebles
  5. Peebles, Elizabeth   (b. 27 Aug 1804 - d. 17 Mar 1893)
      • Wife of Drury Peebles
  6. Peebles, Elizabeth Foster   (b. 14 Jun 1771 - d. 16 Dec 1837)
      • Wife of Nathan Peebles
  7. Peebles, John Hubbard   (b. 13 Nov 1834 - d. 28 May 1921)
      • Inscription on stone "known as Black Daddy"
  8. Peebles, M. E. Harris   (b. 22 Feb 1835 - d. 28 Jun 1905)
      • Wife of J. H. Peebles
  9. Peebles, M. J. Lowe "Jenny"   (b. 25 Mar 1844 - d. 21 Feb 1886)
      • First wife of N. A. Peebles. His 2nd wife was Julia Chaffin.
  10. Peebles, Nathan   (b. 5 Sep 1763 - d. 14 Mar 1832)
      • Son of Jehu Peebles, Jr., and Caty Smith, Brunswick Co., Va., to Guilford Co., (N.C.)
  11. Peebles, Nathan A. (Nathaniel A.)   (b. Unknown - d. 3 May 1904)
      • Masonic emblem on stone. Aged 66 years, 5 months, 15 days. Son of Drury and Elizabeth Peebles)

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