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576    UNKNOWN [K25.6]

      Location - Town of Pittsboro, Center Township. Behind commercial building at 20 or 22 Sanford Rd. Just east of small building behind Pittsboro United Methodist Church. Cemetery area is paved.

      Coordinates: 35d 43m 10.9s N; 79d 10m 42.1s W Click here for Google maps

      Harvey Gunter, who lived nearby as a child says that he does not remember a cemetery in that location, but that there could have been one as the area was wooded.

      Owner: Justice Motor Company, LLC.
      Legal Description: Parcel 89255 split off from Parcel 8175 in 2012 by tax office. Parcel 89255 consists of the 25 x 37' cemetery shown on earlier plats. Parcel 8175. Deed book 1307/574, John P. and Mary G. Justice, Trustees of Jack P. Justice Living Trust, to Justice Motor Co., 20 Dec 2006. "Part of lands conveyed to Jack P. Justice by his father Fred Justice." References 1231/1013. Cemetery mentioned in numerous deeds and shown on plat 1-44. Earliest mention of the 25' square later referred to as graveyard is in 1840.
      Topo Quadrant: Pittsboro, Code K.
      Family owned: Yes.
      Abandoned: Yes.
      Size of cemetery: 25' x 40' on plat.
      Number of graves: Unknown.
      White: Yes.
      Restricted access: Yes, private property.
      Identifiable as a burial site: No. Mentioned in several deeds and shown on plat 1-44.
      Enclosed: No.
      Markers present: No.
      Date earliest known burial: Before 1840.
      Markers damaged: Yes. Area has been leveled for parking lot.
      Hazards to cemetery: Yes. Not recognizable as cemetery. Should be explored and graves removed if any ground-disturbing activity is udertaken.
      Listed: No.

      Historical significance: Nathan Stedman and Winship Stedman migrated to NC in 1784. According to the Pittsboro paper, The Communicator, Nathan died on 13 Nov 1847. The obituary mentions his Revolutionary War service. He represented Chatham Co. in the NC house of representatives in 1827 and in the senate in 1832-33 and was a judge in the county. Stedman was a member of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church but is not buried there, although his wife, Mary Ann, who died in 1886, is. Winship Stedman also owned property adjoining the cemetery. This may be an early Stedman family cemetery.

      Miscellaneous information: Property mentioning the graveyard belongs in earlier years to H.H. Burk, William Foushee, Annie Chapin, Stephen Cotton, Thomas Womble, Daniel McLeod, Nathan A. Stedman, Winship Stedman, and Alexander Kinchen. This is lots 73 and 88 from the original Pittsboro town plat. Mary Phillips from the tax office called on 2 Jul 2010 to note that plat 1-44 shows cemetery. Jim and Bev Wiggins located and looked at the site on 2 Jul 2010. Title trail in CCHA records.

      Last canvassed by: Jim & Bev Wiggins on 2 Jul 2010.

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