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472    CARROLL [Q60.1]

      Location - Gulf Township. 2,000 feet southeast of Marvin Williams' residence, which is at east end of gravel road, past Dean Brooks' Dairy barns, 0.75 mile east of SR 2309, Beal Road. This gravel road takes off from SR 2309 0.9 mile east of SR 1009, Bonlee--Carbonton Road.

      Coordinates: 35d 32m 32.0s N; 79d 21m 35.0s W Click here for Google maps

      The cemetery was located by Robert L. Gaines and Will M. Heiser, 13 Jul 1991. Eighteen (18) legible or partially legible markers, eight (8) illegible markers, and twenty (20) double field stones (head and foot) were recorded by Will and Audrey Heiser 9 Oct 1993.

      Owner: Dean and Judy Brooks (919 837-5914).
      Legal Description: Deed Book 542-906. Property originally owned by Edward W. Carroll, Charles W. Carroll and L. J. Williams heirs..
      Topo Quadrant: Goldston.
      Family owned: Yes.
      Abandoned: Yes.
      Number of graves: 46.
      Cemetery size: 150' x 120'.
      White: Yes.
      Restricted access: Yes. Accessible w/ permission from Dean Brooks or Mattie Williams
      Overgrown and easy to identify: Yes.
      Not identified explanation: In grove of trees on top of hill surrounded by logged-over timber land. Cemetery is in poor condition w/ fallen trees, limbs and underbrush. Accessible from logging road which takes off from the gravel road about 0.4 mile east of SR 2309, Beal Road..
      Enclosed: Yes.
      Enclosed explanation: Originally enclosed by wire fence.
      Enclosed conditions: Fence is broken down but is evident on north and west sides.
      Markers: Yes.
      Markers with inscriptions: Yes.
      Number of readable markers: 18.
      Last burial: 1936.
      First burial: 1845.
      Markers damaged: Yes.
      Other damage explanation: Lack of care. Poor quality grave stones..
      Hazards: Surrounded by logging lands but partially protected by grove of big trees.
      Listed: Yes.
      Significant events: Families of Carroll, Williams, Oldham, Anderson. 18 legible or partially legible markers. 8 illegible markers. 20 double field stones. Probably many more graves originally..

  1. Andrew, Mary Ann   (b. 26 Nov 1853 - d. 10 Apr 1928)
      • "Faithful to her trust even unto death". Location row 6. column 10.
  2. C., J. W.   (b. 1813 - d. Unknown)
      • Small. Location row 8. column 1.
  3. C., S.   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • Illegible. Location row 8. column 2.
  4. Carroll, Clarence C.   (b. 13 Dec 1908 - d. 15 Aug 1909)
      • Son of Charles W., Jr., and Mary A. (Stinson) (Williams) Carroll. "Another _____ angel before _____ Heaven's throne". Diamond. Location row 1. column 2.
  5. Carroll, Emily C.   (b. 7 Oct 1807 - d. 11 Jan 1845)
      • Small. Location row 8. column 8.
  6. Carroll, H. S.   (b. Oct 1899 - d. 2 Aug 1916)
      • "Oppressed by grief, yet cherished by faith and hope". Weathered. Location row 1. column 1.
  7. Carroll, Lydia J.   (b. 26 Jul 1904 - d. 11 Aug 1906)
      • "Gone but not forgotten". Diamond. Stone weathered and fallen over. Location row 1. column 3.
  8. Carroll, Robert D.   (b. 25 May 1836 - d. 8 Jan 1845)
      • Small. Location row 8. column 7.
  9. Cheek, Tempy   (b. 13 Feb 1834 - d. 6 Mar 1857)
      • Wife of James M. Cheek. Vertical slab. Location row 10. column 4.
  10. Gilbert, W. T.   (b. Sep - d. Apr ____)
      • Illegible. Row 6. column 1.
  11. H., C.   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • Combined stone with "Sam H.". Row 3. column 1.
  12. H., Sam   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • Combined stone with "C. H.". Row 3. column 1.
  13. Lawhon, James   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • Small. Row 10. column 3.
  14. Malorie, James   (b. 1853 - d. 14 Feb 1936)
      • Funeral marker. Beal Funeral Home, Ramseur, NC. Row 10. column 1.
  15. Unknown, W.   (b. Unknown - d. Unknown)
      • Illegible. Row 5. column 1.
  16. Williams, Luther J.   (b. 22 Oct 1873 - d. 15 Apr 1933)
      • Husband of Mannie M. (Hilliard) Williams. Son of Silas H. and Lydia B. (Carroll) Williams. "He died as he lived, trusting in God". Marble base. Carved finger pointing upward. Footstone. Row 1. column 6.
  17. Williams, Lydia B. (Carroll)   (b. 26 Dec 1847 - d. 17 Apr 1931)
      • Wife of Silas H. Williams. Daughter of Edward W. Carroll. "Asleep in Jesus". With marble vases. Footstone. Row 1. column 4.
  18. Williams, Silas H.   (b. 18 Aug 1849 - d. 12 Feb 1921)
      • Husband of Lydia B. Williams. "Gone but not forgotten". Marble base. Footstone. Row 1. column 5.

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