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      Location - Matthews Township. 120 Fellowship Church Rd, Siler City.

      Coordinates: 35d 45m 15.8s N; 79d 28m 14.9s W Click here for Google maps

      Church and cemetery are located about 0.1 mile east of Piney Grove Church Rd. and north of Siler City.

      Owner: Trustees of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church.
      Legal Description: Parcel 62698. Deed book 426/120, 1979. Plat 25-28.
      Topo Quadrant: Goldston.
      Church owned: Yes. Baptist.
      Currently being used: Yes.
      Number of graves: UNK.
      White: Yes.
      Unrestricted access: Yes.
      Condition: Well maintained and preserved.
      Enclosed: No.
      Inscribed markers: Yes.
      Readable markers: UNK.
      Last burial: 2012
      Earliest burial: .
      Damaged markers: No.
      Listed: No.

      Last canvassed by: UNK.

  1. Brewer, William Darrell   (b. 30 Dec 1940 - d. 10 Aug 2012)
      • Son of Marcus Brewer and Exie Sumner Brewer. Father of three daughters and one son.
  2. Brooks, Betty Smith   (b. 1930 - d. 15 Jul 2015)
      • Age 84. Wife of George Robert Brooks. Daughter of Willie Mark Smith and Gertrude Johnson Smith.
  3. Brooks, George Robert "Bob"   (b. 21 Mar 1928 - d. 9 Jun 2013)
      • Age 85. Husband of Betty Smith Brooks. Son of George Colon Brooks and Sallie Cox Brooks.
  4. Clark, James Edward   (b. 7 Nov 1941 - d. 29 Dec 2002)
      • Married. Born in Albermarle, Stanly Co. NC. Died in Siler City, Chatham Co. NC.
  5. Dixon, Betty Sue Brafford   (b. 2 Apr 1932 - d. 29 Feb 2004)
      • Wife of Alton Dixon. Daughter of Luther Brafford and Bertie Sizemore Brafford.
  6. Maultsby, Parker Grey   (b. 19 Aug 2013 - d. 19 Aug 2013)
      • Infant son of Josiah Maultsby, IV and Laura Clark Maultsby.
  7. Phillips, Emogene Brooks   (b. 4 May 1933 - d. 17 Jun 2015)
      • Age 82. Wife of Robie Elon Phillips. Daughter of George Colon Brooks and Sallie Cox Brooks.
  8. Phillips, Robie Elon, Jr.   (b. 24 Jun 1930 - d. 22 Apr 2016)
      • Husband of Emogene Brooks Phillips. Son of Robie Elon Phillips, Sr. and Alice Verna Hall Phillips.
  9. Poe, Billy D, Sr   (b. 19 Jun 1930 - d. 23 Jul 2009)
      • Husband of Louise Thomas Poe. Son of Coen Alfred Poe and Cora Edwards Poe.
  10. Poe, Ernest Russell   (b. 22 May 1931 - d. 17 Apr 2012)
      • Husband of Shirley Gunter Poe. Son of James Poe and Sallie Brooks Poe. US Army, Korea.
  11. Poe, Shirley Gunter   (b. 24 Aug 1936 - d. 16 Dec 2016)
      • Wife of Ernest Russell Poe. Daughter of Charles Gunter and Lillian Womble Gunter.
  12. Stewart, Patsy Brewer   (b. 13 Jun 1938 - d. 17 Dec 2014)
      • Age 76. Wife of William Clarence Still and Stanley I. Stewart. Daughter of Marcus Brewer and Exie Lee Sumner Brewer.
  13. Strover, Marie Ellis   (b. 27 Sep 1920 - d. 13 Feb 2006)
      • Wife of Robert "Bob" Stover, Sr. Daughter of Daniel Ellis and Bessie Ellis of the Harper's Cross Road Community.
  14. Taylor, Deborah Hiatt   (b. 6 Feb 1952 - d. 2 Feb 2012)
      • Wife of Donnie Taylor, married in 1971. Daughter of Eugene Hiatt and Lillie Hiatt of Coleridge.
  15. Vann, Irene Trogdon   (b. 17 Apr 1934 - d. 11 Nov 2013)
      • Age 79. Wife of R. Rawdon Vann. Daughter of Theodore Roosevelt Trogdon and Lina Walters Trogdon.
  16. Vann, R. Rawdon   (b. 1 Oct 1926 - d. 26 Mar 2016)
      • Husband of Irene Trogdon Vann. Son of Robert White Vann and Virgie Raye Dowdy Vann.

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