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370    BECKWITH - COUNCIL [M11.1]

      Location - New Hope Township. On south side of US 64, 0.1 mile west of SR 1745, John Horton Road.

      Coordinates: 35d 44m 07.0s N; 78d 59m 10.8s W Click here for Google maps

      On 12 May 1980, Faye M. Dasen recorded 17 grave markers. On 17 May 1999, Will M. Heiser checked these markers and recorded one more marker. The markers have been painted white and the paint is peeling off in some places.

      Owner: Jordan 64 Partners
      Legal description: Parcel 80653. Deed 1082/594, 30 Jan 2004 Robert & Carol Knight to Jordan 64 Partners. Includes cemetery; plat 2004-20. Deed 1035/1043 Holly Michelle Goodwin Hines to Knights, 9 Jul 2003. Estate file 92E-258 shows will of Kathleen Bowling Goodwin, who willed the property to her granddaughter, Holly Michelle Goodwin.
      Topo quadrant: New Hill.
      Family owned: Yes.
      Maintained: Yes, but not used.
      Number of graves: 18.
      Approximate size: 50' x 50'.
      White: Yes.
      Restricted access: Yes, Private property.
      Condition: Poorly maintained.
      Enclosed: No.
      Inscribed markers: Yes.
      Readable markers: 18.
      Last burial: 1943.
      Earliest burial: 1875.
      Markers damaged: Yes, age and weather.
      Hazards to cemetery: Yes, neglect.

      Miscellaneous information: On 12 May 1980, Faye M. Dasen recorded 17 grave markers. Clyde Morris recorded 18 markers in Oct 1988. On 17 May 1999, Will M. Heiser also recorded 18 markers. The markers had been painted white and the paint was peeling off in some places. In Dec 2006, Sandra Ellington photographed the gravestones. Death certificates refer to this site as "Beckwith graveyard" and "T.J. Council's."

      Last canvassed by: Will M. Heiser. Date: 17 May 1999.

  1. Adcock, Avie A. Beckwith   (b. 30 Jul 1873 - d. 31 Mar 1943)
      • Wife of J. A. Adcock. "Gone Home". Marble, good.
  2. Beckwith, Burlena Sears   (b. 2 Dec 1874 - d. 6 May 1940)
      • "A Peaceful [Sole] Soul". Marble, poor.
  3. Beckwith, Lorina J.   (b. 29 Jun 1848 - d. Unknown)
      • Daughter of Silas and Matilda Beckwith. (Death date broken off). Marble, poor.
  4. Beckwith, Mary   (b. 28 Feb 1841 - d. 11 Feb 1927)
      • Wife of S.M. Beckwith. Marble, poor.
  5. Beckwith, Matilda   (b. 20 Apr 1820 - d. 11 Jun 1875)
      • Wife of Silas Beckwith. "Beloved wife, kind mother." Marble, good.
  6. Beckwith, S. M.   (b. 1 Nov 1841 - d. 21 Apr 1907)
      • Husband of Mary Beckwith. Masonic emblem. Marble, poor.
  7. Beckwith, Silas   (b. 19 Feb 1815 - d. 16 Aug 1882)
      • Husband of Matilda Beckwith. "A good husband and a kind father." Marble, poor.
  8. Beckwith, W. D.   (b. 8 Oct 1868 - d. 19 Jul 1936)
      • "His memory is blessed". Masonic emblem.
  9. Council, Alice   (b. 12 Feb 1869 - d. 4 Oct 1919)
      • Wife of T. J. Council. "Gone but not forgotten." [NC death records confirm death date.] Marble, good.
  10. Council, Charley   (b. Oct 1899 - d. Oct 1905)
      • Son of T. J. and Alice Council. Marble, good.
  11. Council, Eugenia   (b. 1840 - d. Jan 1906)
      • Wife of James B. Council. Stone not photographed in 2006.
  12. Council, Humey   (b. May 1888 - d. Jul 1895)
      • Son of T. J. and Alice Council. Marble, good.
  13. Council, James B.   (b. 1861 - d. 27 Feb 1919)
      • Husband of Eugenia Council. Aged 58 years. "A faithful brother." Marble, good.
  14. Council, John D.   (b. 7 Feb 1866 - d. 26 Sep 1910)
      • Obelisk. Long inscription. Marble, good.
  15. Council, T. J.   (b. 24 Nov 1852 - d. 24 Feb 1937)
      • Husband of Alice Council. "At Rest". Marble, good.
  16. Goodwin, Isley Wilson   (b. 8 Oct 1839 - d. 19 Jan 1918)
      • Wife of Wiley Goodwin. "Death is another life." [Parents' names from death certificate: Elijah and Candes Wilson.] Marble, poor.
  17. Goodwin, Wiley   (b. 18 Nov 1837 - d. 14 Mar 1921)
      • Husband of Isley Goodwin. Masonic emblem. "A confederate soldier and a Mason." [Parents' names from death certificate: James and Siddie Holland Goodwin.] Marble, good.
  18. Horton, Mequary   (b. 1 Feb 1857 - d. 8 Aug 1922)
      • Wife of J. T. Horton. Marble, good on ground.

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