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092    UNKNOWN [E13.2]

      Location - Williams Township. East of US 15-501, on parcel 18726. According to original report, 100 yards south of Orange Co. line, 200 yards east in woods.

      Coordinates: 35d 51m 35.5s N; 79d 04m 48.6s W Click here for Google maps

      In 1989, Gerald Oldham reported five unmarked stones of an Indian burial ground.

      Owner: Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust in 2015. At time of original report in 1989, the property owner was said to be Proctor.
      Legal description: Parcel 18726. Deed 1627/961, 2012. Plat 87-42.
      Topo Quadrant: Farrington.
      Family owned: Yes.
      Abandoned: Yes.
      Number of graves: 5.
      Cemetery size: 15' x 15'.
      White: Yes.
      Restricted access: Yes. Private property.
      Overgrown and not easy to identify: Yes.
      Enclosed: No.
      Markers: Yes.
      Markers with inscriptions: No.
      Number of readable markers: 0.
      Markers damaged: Yes.
      Hazards to cemetery: The site was not located prior to the land being disturbed for the construction of Wal-Mart store.
      Listed: Yes. Cemeteries of Chatham County.
      Miscellaneous information: Originally reported in 1989 by Gerald Oldham and described as having 5 graves with uninscribed markers, not enclosed, overgrown and not easily identifiable on the Proctor property (parcel 18726). Oldham described the site as being 100 yards south of Orange County line and 200 yards east (presumably of 15-501) in the woods. Jim and Bev Wiggins examined the site in 2009 after much ground-disturbance had taken place and could not identify the cemetery. A surveyor found no evidence of a cemetery and the Proctor family reported no knowledge of a cemetery on the site. The name "Carter" was written on the original report as the cemetery name in a hand that appears different from Mr. Oldham's. No evidence that a Carter family was associated with the property has been found.

      Last canvassed by: Gerald Oldham. Date: 1989. Bev Wiggins, 31 May 2015.

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