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      Location - in the Baynes - Prospect Church Community near Prospect Methodist Church. Turn off Prospect Church Rd (SR 1765) onto Smith Loop Rd (SR 1766). The graves are located about 200 feet into the woods off the dirt road and about 50 feet from a house beside the woods. It is across the road from the old abandoned Lucion Miles homeplace and in sight of the old Thompson N. Smith house.

      Coordinates: 36d 16m 16.0s N; 79d 16m 29.0s W Click here for Google maps

      There are about 35 to 40 graves here and the area is covered with periwinkle. There are no markers left with names on them, just plain field rocks.

      Based on a survey in 1997 by W. Ernest Blalock, with changes based on other documented sources.

  1. Barnwell, Mary C. Virginia Nelson   (b. 1 Mar 1827 - d. 14 Feb 1890)
      • Wife of William Harvey Barnwell, Daughter of Samuel and Harriet Pendergast Nelson.
  2. Barnwell, Rosaner Cathern   (b. 24 Nov 1852 - d. 12 Jun 1853)
      • Daughter of William Harvey and Mary C. Virginia Nelson Barnwell.
  3. Barnwell, William Harvey "Bill"   (b. 17 Aug 1817 - d. 27 Mar 1907)
      • Husband of Mary C Virginia Nelson, Son of William and Elizabeth Smith Enochs Barnwell.
  4. Nelson, Harriet Pendergast   (b. abt 1802 - d. abt 1869)
      • Wife of Samuel Nelson, Daughter of Thomas and Nancy Jordan Harrison Pendergast.
  5. Nelson, Samuel   (b. abt 1800 - d. )
      • Husband of Harriet Pendergast. Son of James and Mildred Brawner Nelson.
  6. Pendergast, ??   (b. abt 1775 - d. abt 1816)
      • George Pendergast's 1st wife, name not known,
  7. Pendergast, ??   (b. - d. abt 1805)
      • John Baker Pendergast's 1st wife. name unknown. (John Baker Pendergast went to Tennessee, re-married there to Rhoda King by 1807, then went on to Limestone Co. Texas where he died Jan 4 1847.)
  8. Pendergast, Andrew Jackson   (b. 1815 - d. abt 1850)
      • 2nd Husband of Morning (?) Montgomery, Son of George Pendergast and his 1st wife.
  9. Pendergast, Jerusha (?)   (b. - d. bef 1799)
      • 1st Wife of Thomas A Pendergast.
  10. Pendergast, Luke   (b. abt 1748 - d. Mar 1831)
      • Husband of Rachel Simmons, Son of Garrett and Rosannah Baker Pendergast of ? Alleghenny Co. Pa.
  11. Pendergast, Margaret Morrow   (b. - d. )
      • George Pendergast's 2nd wife.
  12. Pendergast, Nancy Jordan Harrison   (b. abt 1770 - d. bef 1839)
      • widow of John Harrison, 2nd Wife of Thomas A. Pendergast, Sister of Isham Jordan of Isle of Wight Co. Va.
  13. Pendergast, Rachel Simmons   (b. Apr 8 1751 - d. aft 1831)
      • Wife of Luke Pendergast, Daughter of George and Elizabeth Fuller Simmons of Baltimore Co. Maryland.
  14. Pendergast, Thomas A.   (b. 1768 - d. abt 1843)
      • Son of Luke and Rachel Simmons Pendergast.

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