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103    GRAVES CEMETERY (E. Main Street, Yanceyville)

      Location - off highway 62/86 east of Yanceyville, just before the intersection with highway 86 bypass. On the property of the Elijah Graves House. The cemetry is not open to the public.

      Coordinates: 36d 24m 18.0s N; 79d 19m 20.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Pictures and documentation provided by Richmond Frederick and CCHA in October 2006.

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      There are other graves in this cemetery that were never marked. The second Elijah Graves, son of William Graves and Isabella Graves, and his wives (Eliza Gunn and Mary Crump) probably are buried there.

      However, the third Elijah Graves (son of Elijah Graves and Mary Crump), who died in the 1920s, is buried at a church near Semora, North Carolina, near the home of his niece, Irene Brandon. He died in that home. The ground was covered with snow, so the family was unable to get his body to the Graves family cemetery in Yanceyville, North Carolina.

      There probably are additional tombstones, as well.

      The will of Azariah Graves (1 Nov 1776 - 1 May 1837) (Book N, page 59) shows that he selected the spot for the cemetery and was the first to be buried there. In his will, he asked that his brothers and sisters be buried with him in the family cemetery, if they desired. Two sisters and three brothers were buried there beside Azariah, all the siblings that remained in Caswell County, except Ann (Nancy) Graves, who married Bartlett Yancey, Jr., and is buried along side her husband in the Yancey family cemetery at the Bartlett Yancey, Jr., house on Highway 158 in the western portion of Yanceyville.

      The Milton Spectator of July 1837 reported: "Funeral of Azariah Graves at his home near Yanceyville, July 10 - preached by Rev. John Kerr." His funeral was four months after his death, which was not unusual.

      Much of the foregoing is attributed to a June 9, 1974, analysis of this cemetery prepared by Katharine Kerr Kendall.

  1. Burke, Elizabeth Graves   (b. 1926 - d. )
      • wife of Charles Bidwell Farrar. "Between 1969 - 1985 they restored Elijah Graves' House C. 1799. Their ashes are buried on this hallowed ground.". Close-up of names. Close-up of inscription.
  2. Farrar, Charles Bidwell   (b. 1925 - d. 1997)
  3. Graves, Ann L.   (b. 5 Jan 1794 - d. 28 Oct 1857)
      • wife of Capt. William Graves. Daughter of General Azariah Graves and sister of Calvin Graves. She was the second wife of Captain William Graves. Their home was the Graves-Florance-Gatewood House, which now houses the Richmond-Miles History Museum.
  4. Graves, Azariah (Esquire)   (b. 1 Nov 1776 - d. 1 May 1837)
      • Bachelor son of John Herndon Graves and Ann (Nancy) Talbot Slade.
  5. Graves, Barzillai (General)   (b. 6 Apr 1782 - d. 10 Oct 1850)
      • Aged 68 yrs 5 mos 24 days. Son of John Herndon Graves and Ann (Nancy) Talbot Slade. General in North Carolina Militia. Leader of Democratic Party in Caswell County. Member of North Carolina Legislature. Caswell County Attorney in 1831.
  6. Graves, Elijah, Sr.   (b. 8 Jan 1779 - d. 29 Oct 1855)
      • Aged 76 yrs 10 mos 21 days. Bachelor son of John Herndon Graves and Ann (Nancy) Talbot Slade.
  7. Graves, Elizabeth G. (Mrs.)   (b. 5 Sep 1812 - d. 17 Feb 1847)
      • consort of James L. Graves. Aged 34 yrs 5 mos 12 days. Daughter of Delilah Graves and her first husband, David Womack. Granddaughter of John Herndon Graves. Close-up of inscription.
  8. Graves, Mary T.   (b. c.1786 - d. 15 Jul 1854)
      • second wife of General Barzillai Graves. Aged about 68 yrs. This possibly is the second wife of General Barzillai Graves, Mary Thomas (Marshall) Royal. She was Mary Thomas Marshall, and the widow of a Mr. Royal from Virginia. She was from Halifax,Virginia.
  9. Graves, William (Captain)   (b. 27 Oct 1780 - d. 25 Dec 1845)
      • husband of Ann L. Graves. Aged 65 yrs 1 mo 28 days. Son of John Herndon Graves and Ann (Nancy) Talbot Slade.
  10. Mebane, Polly (Mrs.)   (b. 15 Jan 1792 - d. 3 Feb 1846)
      • "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord". Youngest daughter of John Herndon Graves and Ann (Nancy) Talbot Slade. She was the second wife of James Mebane who survived her and married a third time. They had no children.
  11. Miles, Abner   (b. c.1792 - d. 16 Oct 1856)
      • Aged 64 yrs. Second husband of Delilah Graves. He was Postmaster at Yanceyville in 1838; also Register of Deeds for Caswell County. Their home was a large frame house on Main Street in Yanceyville. Later, it was the property of Julius Johnston, but now has been demolished (as of 1974).
  12. Miles, Delilah   (b. 7 Sep 1784 - d. 13 Apr 1848)
      • "To the memory of". "The christian wife and mother". "Sweet be thy sleep and glorious thy ". Daughter of John Herndon Graves and Ann (Nancy) Talbot Slade. Wife of David Womack and Abner Miles.

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