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      Location: on the north side of Park Springs Rd about one mile from Hwy 86 in the Providence Community, beside 150 Park Springs Road, the home of Frances Ingram Ward.

      Coordinates: 36d 29m 57.0s N; 79d 22m 33.0s W Click here for Google maps

      Surveyed by Barbara Moore in December 2007. Frances Ingram Ward pointed out this cemetery and provided much extra information. Her grandson is in the process of cleaning up, repairing and documenting the Ferguson Cemetery for his Eagle Scout Award.

  1. Ferguson, Alexander   (b. 12 May 1826 - d. 27 Feb 1887)
  2. Ferguson, J. Sam   (b. 29 Jul 1908 - d. 18 Jul 1909)
  3. Ferguson, Lou E.   (b. 26 Dec 1876 - d. 25 Mar 1900)
  4. Ferguson, Mary A.   (b. 22 Aug 1834 - d. )
      • (death date was not visible because the marker has apparently been broken and is buried to a depth that covers the death date. I brushed away some leaves and thought I could tell that it appears to be a date on it. From my little bit of brushing, I could not see a date. That part of the marker is needed in the ground for keeping it standing. I did not move it in anyway.)
  5. Ferguson, Mary Belle   (b. 30 Mar 1864 - d. 13 Jul 1900)
  6. Ferguson, Thomas A.   (b. 12 Apr 1867 - d. 28 Oct 1910)
      • (This would have been the largest marker there but it is broken. The word "Our Brother" is on the top section where the name and dates are located. If there were other words on it, I did not move them to read.)

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