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      Location - Horseshoe Road

      Coordinates: 34d 48m 14.0s N; 76d 27m 30.0s W Click here for Google maps

      This cemetery has about 13 graves. Canvassed by Margaret Rose Davis Gaskill.

  1. Davis, Abigail Davis   (b. c.1787 - d. c.1837)
      • Wife of Whitington Davis. Married July 27, 1803. Daughter of Isaiah and Sabra Chadwick Davis. Unmarked
  2. Davis, Dewitt C.   (b. 16 Apr 1828 - d. 04 Oct 1868)
      • Husband of Parmelia (Millie) Davis Davis. Married March 16, 1853.Son of Martin Ross and Matilda Davis Davis. Unmarked.
  3. Davis, Laura   (b. 16 Nov 1852 - d. 25 Dec 1852)
      • Child of Dewitt C. and Parmelia D. Davis.
  4. Davis, Martin Ross   (b. c.1804 - d. aft.1870)
      • Husband of Matilda Davis Davis. Married October 2,1827. Son of Whittington and Abigail D. Davis. Unmarked
  5. Davis, Matilda   (b. 08 Oct 1860 - d. 16 Oct 1875)
      • Daughter of Dewitt C. and Parmelia (Millie) Davis.
  6. Davis, Matilda Davis   (b. c.1804 - d. 1862)
      • Wife of Martin Ross Davis. Married October 2, 1827. Daughter of James and Zilphia Willis Davis. Unmarked
  7. Davis, Whittington   (b. c.1778 - d. 1860-1870)
      • Husband of Abigail Davis Davis. Married July 27, 1803. Son of Benjamin and Sabra Williston Davis. Unmarked.
  8. Frisbie, Harriet Lucy Clarecy Hill   (b. Dec 1835 - d. aft.1910)
      • Wife of Henry E. Frisbie. Unmarked.
  9. Frisbie, Harry   (b. 25 Jul 1863 - d. 29 Feb 1936)
      • Son of Henry and Harriet Frisbie. Father of Robert Frisbie. Unmarked.
  10. Frisbie, Henry A.   (b. 14 Sep 1861 - d. 08 Oct 1891)
      • Son of Henry and Harriet Frisbie.
  11. Frisbie, Henry E.   (b. 1830 - d. aft.1910)
      • Husband of Harriet Frisbie. Unmarked
  12. Lewis, Helen Frisbie   (b. 22 Jul 1873 - d. 28 May 1899)
      • Wife of Levi Lewis. Married February 5, 1895. Daugher of Henry and Harriet Frisbie.
  13. Sanford, Edwin E.   (b. 22 Apr 1851 - d. 06 Jun 1882)
      • Lived with the Frisbie Family.

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