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      Location - somewhere in the vacinity of Drexel. GPS location is not accurate.

      Coordinates: 35d 45m 28.4s N; 81d 36m 15.4s W Click here for Google maps

      This is a privately maintained African American Cemetery in the Drexel area of Burke County. Sometimes referred to as just the Bristol Cemetery. There are a number of unknown graves marked with field stones.

      Survey by Allen Dew in october 2014.

  1. Bradshaw, Mary Magdeline Bristol   (b. 16 Aug 1877 - d. 17 Jan 1969)
      • Wife of William Bristol and Unknown Bradshaw. Daughter of Hattie Lakey.
  2. Bristol, William "Will"   (b. 12 Jul 1870 - d. 26 Sep 1930)
      • 1st husband of Mary Magdeline Bristol Bradshaw. Son of George Bristol.
  3. Corpening, Nikara M   (b. 12 Aug 1996 - d. 2 Apr 1997)
      • Our Angel.
  4. Harbison, Charles Edward   (b. 9 Sep 1930 - d. 12 Sep 1985)
      • Husband of Edna Abernathy Harbison. Son of Church Harbison and Annie Caldwell Harbison.
  5. Jackson, Brodus   (b. 1923 - d. 1964)
      • Husband of Edna Jackson. Son of Charlie Jackson.
  6. Jackson, Michael Ray   (b. 1953 - d. 2003)
      • Funeral home marker.
  7. Jenkins, Hattie Bristol   (b. 2 Mar 1903 - d. 31 Oct 1993)
      • Daughter of William Bristol and Mary Magdeline Briatol Bradshaw.
  8. Kincaid, Eric Sharone   (b. 23 May 1983 - d. 6 Jan 1987)
      • Died in Forsyth Co.
  9. Wilkins, Charles William   (b. 31 Aug 1920 - d. 24 Jan 1989)
      • Husband of Wanda Jenkins. Son of Charles Wilkins and Hattie Wilkins. Sgt. US Army, WW-II.
  10. Wilkins, Delia Irene Kincaid   (b. 1922 - d. 2001)
      • Wife of James Edward Wilkins. Funeral home marker.
  11. Wilkins, James Lee Douglas   (b. 17 Nov 1942 - d. 1 Aug 1970)
      • Son of James Edward Wilkins and Delia Irene Kincaid Wilkins.

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